Eligibility Criteria

Type of Businesses Eligible

Local Enterprise Office Wicklow can consider applications for financial aid, from the following types of businesses:

  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Internationally traded services - export oriented service businesses.  (Local service businesses can be considered for grant aid provided they are unique/innovative and have strong export and employment creation potential).

They must demonstrate

  • There is a market for the product or service, and that the business is capable of attaining commercial viability
  • The project has the capacity to create new direct employment
  • Adequate finance will be available to fund the project including its operating costs
  • The Promoters possess sufficient management and technical capacity to implement the proposed project
  • The project complies with existing policies and permits, licences and authorisations required under any statute regulation or order having the force of law

NB: Please note that the grant aid will not be provided in respect of any expenditure incurred prior to obtaining official notification of grant approval, and that a percentage of certain grants received by businesses may be repayable to LEO Wicklow over a period of time, interest free with a year's moratorium on repayments commencing (e.g. 50% of Priming Grants and Business Expansion Grants are currently repayable to LEO Wicklow).

Ineligible Businesses

Projects which will not qualify for support:

  • Projects which are contrary to public policy, particularly projects which would be likely to promote displacement of existing businesses or employment
  • Projects involving primary agricultural production
  • Companies which already have a relationship with Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, Shannon Development or Udaras na Gaeltachta
  • Companies whose current/potential employment exceeds 10 persons
  • Projects, which could proceed without grant assistance, or only by taking market share from existing businesses to survive
  • Retail outlets (incl. restaurants, coffee shops)
  • Professional services (including consultancies)
  • Most locally based service businesses, trades etc. (unless export potential)
  • Import and distribution businesses
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Community projects/ non-commercial ventures

The Committee reserves the right to discuss the proposal with other relevant agencies or bodies to ensure effective and efficient use of agency services and public funds. Confidentiality will be respected at all times. Projects approved by the Board will be subject to conditions, which must be fully complied with before payment can be made.

To check if your business is eligible for financial support, contact us for an appointment.



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