How to Shoot & Edit Marketing Videos on a Budget!

Council Chamber, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
Sept. 13th and 20th
Social Media

This 2 x 0.5 day Prog. will help you to use your smartphone to place high-quality videos on your social media platforms/website

This event is no longer available

How to Shoot & Edit Marketing Videos on a Budget

Video is vital to assist you to effectively sell your products on your social media platforms or website.

This 2 x 0.5 day Prog. is designed to help you to use video effectively to increase your online sales.

By the end of this Prog., you will be able to:

  • include video as an effective tool in the marketing of your business
  • use tools such as 'VideoShop' (on your smartphone) & 'Filmora' (on your laptop) for editing clips
  • incorporate video posts across your both your social media platforms and website


The Prog. takes place from 14.00-17.00 on Thursday September 13th and 20th.

To get the most from the Prog., you must be comfortable using your smartphone and laptop AND bring both of these with you



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