Tenders of Potential Interest to LEO Clients

Potential LEO Client Opportunities published March 21st 2017:

  • Software Development Services

  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing

  • PCRS Reimbursement list -  Reimbursement Guidelines for Personal Diagnostic, Monitoring & Delivery Devices

  • Provision of Coagulation Factor X Concentrate to St James’s Hospital (SJH), the Irish Blood Transfusion Board (IBTS), the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Health Care Executive funded agenc

  • IE-EPA-2017-CRM-FA -  The provision of CRM(xRM) Services in 4 Lots

  • Prior Information Notice - Telecare Equipment - Seniors Alert Scheme

  • Open Tender Competition for Dental Decontamination Equipment

  • FD/02/05/333 -  Market Soundings Exercise Time & Attendance System

  • Shannon Airport Authority is seeking a Fire Suppression Specialist for design, installation, testing, commissioning and certification of a Fire Suppression system.

  • HSE 4052 -  National Framework Agreement for the Provision of Enteral Feeding Systems

  • IRCG201701 -  Volunteer Information Management System

  • Provision of Safey Resources

  • A Multi Supplier Framework for the Provision of IT Infrastructure and Related Services

  • RFT - Archival Processing Services at the National Archives

  • Provision of a Human Resources Information System


  • Invitation to Tender for the Provision of a Fleet Tracking and Information System

  • Provision of a cloud based tool to support the reporting on the regional Action Plans for Jobs

  • IT Security Services

  • Provision of a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Automated Invoice Data Capture and Processing Solution


  • GPS (Global Positioning System) and Fleet Management

  • RFT for the Supply and Implementation of an Online Registration, Reporting and Compliance Solution