County Meath Women in Business Network

WiB Network 2018


County Meath Women in Business Network

By creating a friendly collaborative space to connect and learn we aim to encourage, support and empower women. We invite all women working in Co. Meath and surrounds to join us!

While women are setting up businesses in greater numbers than before, there are still significant opportunities to develop and grow in early stage business and accelerate.

County Meath Women in Business Network is an initiative of Local Enterprise Office and County Meath Chamber of Commerce to encourage and support women who are starting business or are already up and running and to provide easy access to a supportive network, expert speakers, etc, to maximise their success and growth potential.

  • Business women in county Meath are encouraged to use the network to promote their business, create alliances with other members, learn new skills, get help from likeminded people facing similar business challenges and increase their contacts to encourage business development
  • There are four seminars scheduled for 2018/19 over the months of September, November, March and May in varying locations across county Meath
  • With a mixture of networking events, workshops and inspirational key note speakers, Meath WIB Network can help you gain business success

Details on the second Meath Women in Business Seminar will be placed here shortly.